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Large Scale Green Power Generation

10 MW System

Large scale on-demand power generation.  Pyrogen systems are designed to deliver maximum waste preocessing capacity as well as large scale power generation in a small footprint. Our systems are turn-key and require minimal site preparation requirements and infrastructure.

Tesla's Turbine updated with next generation technology

Tesla’s revolutionary turbine design has been refined, and we have implemented a myriad of next generation technology from design to materials.

Waste to Energy Perspective

  • One ton (2,000 pounds) of moisture-laden, unsorted MSW (garbage) produces 1.4MW of electricity when converted through gasification and Multi-Fuel Combustion systems.
  • One Pyrogen unit, deployed in one landfill has enough stored waste to stay operational for 25 years. (Figures do not include future waste accumulation at this single landfill)
  • Combined systems meet 2032 European Union standards for airborne emissions – today.

A Beautiful balance of Power and Efficency.

  • Virtually free of airborne emissions – already meets rigid 2032 European Union environmental standards

  • Instrumentation & controls allow for millisecond adjustments throughout plant for increased efficiency

  • Small system footprint allows for easy shipping, modular construction and use of existing infrastructure

  • Linear-scaling capacity

  • Low plant cost & high power production capability

“Compared to earlier plasma-arc decomposition processes, Pyrogen’s system uses only one-fourth the energy to affect virtually total decomposition of carbonaceous materials.”

George M. Mallan, Ph.D. 

Gasification Specialist of 30 years

Megawatts Generated

Completed Projects

We’ve Been Designing and Building this Technology for over 10 years

Pyrogen’s new patented pending (2018) design has improved
on 10 years of building and designing turbine to
release the fi rst of 4 commercially available models of
tesla-based turbines.
• 1-20 KWH 10” turbine
• 25-50 KWH 12” turbine
• 50-250 KWH 24” turbine
• 250-1000 KWH 30” turbine

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