Pyrogen has its roots in the groundwork laid by Aurora Energy and Green Frog Systems.  The common factor in these businesses is the ingenious turbine designs of Bill Helton.  While those other companies did not have the resources to fully realize Bill’s designs, Pyrogen will be bringing them to market within the next year. 

Because Pyrogen has obtained funding for the prototype and used Bill’s skill set to refine and update the pyrolysis designs of MPM, a full fledged waste to energy system will be on display at our Utah headquarters for all potential buyers to view and test to verify the breakthrough that the system represents in the industry.

Our Partner MPM

The MPM Gasifi cation system, described as a Photon-induced electric gasification process, uses an independent multistage reaction where, chemical, photo and ionic reaction are all occurring simultaneously as waste
material approaches and passes through a plasma field, which separates molecular bonds and reforms matter in a controlled, safe environment.

The results of the gasification process are a complete destruction of harmful chemical compounds, a total reduction and transformation of waste to vitrified ash, and a syngas comprised primarily of hydrogen (70%), carbon monoxide (25%) and methane(5%), which can be used to generate electricity very efficiently.