The world has a problem…

Human generated waste is a worldwide problem with most current solutions only adding to the damage done to the environment. The United States alone generates roughly 251 million tons of waste per year. Current recycling programs only address about 35 percent of the total waste. As  the world population grows and consumption increases, it follows that waste will increase proportionally as well. Landfills and other current methods for handling this waste will only contribute to wastewater contamination and other anthropogenic causes of environmental crisis.

We have a solution…

Anthropogenic environmental damage can be halted with the latest technology from PyroGen. Aside from the environmentally friendly operation, the PyroGen system will also be a means of revenue generation through electricity production. This system is the only system of its kind currently available. Using patent pending technology, PyroGen leverages plasma arc to process virtually any carbonaceous waste and drive high efficiency turbines, creating an electric surplus. The electricity can be grid tied and sold directly to the utility provider.

The main benefits of the PyroGen system:

•One PyroGen unit operating in a traditional landfill has enough stored waste to stay operational for 25 years. (figures do not include future waste accumulation at this single landfill)

•PyroGen uses  75% less electricity per ton compared to other arc-based systems  = more electricity to the grid